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Lions, tigers, and bears—just the beginning of what you’ll see on safari in one of the many faraway places we know and love! From trekking for gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda to feeding dolphins off the coast of Australia and getting up close and personal with lemurs at Lemur Island in Madagascar (and everything in-between...), we can help you get there. We’ll arrange the proper permits and knowledgeable guides necessary for a top-quality experience. Whether you want to swim with Galápagos sea lions, hug a koala bear in Queensland, befriend the penguins of Antarctica, ride a camel through India, or dine in the African bush—let us create your adventure of a lifetime!


Float in a hot air balloon and drift over the Serengeti grasslands and spot lion prides and elephant herds, or stumble upon a leopard sprawled in a tree while on a game drive in South Africa—welcome to the African Bush, where these sightings can become reality. Whether you want to observe hippos submerged in a watering hole in East Africa, meet and greet the friendly giraffes of Giraffe Manor in Kenya, or float down the Okavango Delta in a dugout canoe—all while staying in the most luxuriously appointed accommodations—let us use our years of experience to craft the Africa itinerary of your wildest dreams!

Hosted Trip - Photographic Safari in East Africa, July 2024
Hosted Trip - Photographic Safari in East Africa, July/August 2024


Where can you brush shoulders with blue-footed boobies, sally lightfoot crabs, waved albatross, giant tortoises, and the little finches of which Charles Darwin formed his Theory of Evolution? On a guided safari of the Galápagos Islands, of course! Swim with Galápagos penguins and sea lions, cruise the ocean with friendly dolphins splashing alongside your zodiac, befriend a giant tortoise, or photograph lazy fur seals on the beach, just feet away from your camera lens. Get to know the mystical creatures of the Galápagos, many of which can only be found here! Although it is possible to explore the Galápagos from a land-based lodge or hotel, we find this limiting and prefer a small ship adventure cruise. Each island is home to unique species of wildlife and offers a different habitat. If you crave active adventurous days and peaceful nights, we invite you to experience one of our favorite places on earth!


India’s wildlife tends to be shy, but sightings of these elusive and endangered species is more than worth the effort and to many travelers' surprise, India has a well-established national park system! Track the snow leopard on foot in the Himalayan Steppes or the Bengal tiger in open-air safari vehicles in Ranthambore or Bandhavgarh National Parks. Perhaps it is the one-horned rhinoceros you are after, and the best place for that is Kaziranga National Park. On the other hand, birders will delight in a visit to Corbett National Park, with over 500 species recorded. Whether you want a stand-alone wildlife-themed trip to India or an interlude in a temple-hopping cultural trip, India’s wildlife will not disappoint.


A place of pristine beauty, Antarctica calls to many travelers who are interested in visiting this last Great Wilderness. There are many reasons to visit Antarctica: commune with penguins, leopard seals, and albatross; behold majestic icebergs and glaciers; retrace the dashing steps of early explorers like Scott, Shackleton, and Amundsen; see for hundreds of miles through dust-free air; or the profound absence of anything human-made. The Great White Continent is arguably threatened due to climate change, and we would encourage you to visit sooner rather than later.


Traverse the Great Ocean Road coastline on a breathtaking guided hike full of beaches, volcanic pans, and National Parks; spot crocodiles in the Kimberley, or go diving with the whale sharks! Experience the thrill of hand-feeding hungry kangaroos at Kangaroo Island or wild dolphins off the coast of Moreton Island all with the guidance of an experienced guide. Cuddle with koalas at a wildlife sanctuary, photograph wombats on the beaches of nearby Tasmania, or cruise to Phillip Island to see the fur seals! Once you experience Australia’s exotic animals and alluring landscapes, you’ll understand why we think Australia is a pretty "fair dinkum" place to visit!


Glide down the Chilkat River through Alaska’s Bald Eagle Preserve to catch a glimpse of these regal creatures on a guided raft tour, spy on summer grizzlies stalking salmon in Katmai National Park, cruise Alaska’s Inside Passage and witness whales breach yards away from your boat, or see the two species of puffin native to Alaska at Kenai Fjords National Park. Experience the unspoiled wildlife viewing that only untamed Alaska can offer! Round out your adventures with a scenic hike through Tongass National Forest (where you may spot Sitka black-tailed deer) or a glacier trek to see more of Alaska’s unique terrain. Whether you want to travel on foot, by boat, or even by helicopter, we can help you navigate the great Alaskan wilderness!

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