Elegant Journeys

Our Story

Introducing the highly acclaimed Frontiers Elegant Journeys: our destination knowledge spans the globe and fuels our ongoing passion for travel.

As Frontiers' reputation grew in outdoors travel, the Elegant Journeys or bespoke department was created in 1983 to respond to increasing requests from our discriminating clientele to assist with deluxe, customized itineraries in addition to their sporting trips.

They expected the same core philosophies upon which the company was founded: personalized service, attention to detail, objectivity, reliable advice and first-hand credibility. We delivered!

Now, more than three decades later, this branch of Frontiers has now become a thriving, highly-reputed, stand-alone department at Frontiers with a loyal, savvy client following. We know most corners of the world from our own travels and have developed an extensive global network of personal contacts to impeccably execute our custom designed itineraries.