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South America

For those wanting to experience all the best that nature has to offer—from majestic mountain ranges to alpine lakes, arid deserts to mighty rivers, frozen glaciers to white sand beaches, and the world’s largest tropical rainforest—South America should move to the top of your bucket list. The countries of South America share a common history—indigenous cultures taken over by European expansionism—yet each retains its own character as distinct and diverse as the nature of the place. Sophisticated urban sanctuaries contrast with vast salt pans and colonial towns with ice-filled fjords, and it’s these juxtapositions, complemented by gracious hospitality and great accommodations, that keep us coming back for more.


While we love Argentina for its colorful culture and cuisine, the breathtaking natural sites of this country are what make this second largest country in South America really stand out. We consider Argentina to have the best of both worlds from an adventurer’s standpoint—the glacial south is ideal for exploring ice caps and snowy mountaintops, while the wineries and waterfalls of the north are great for those wanting to turn up the heat. Its elegant capital city, Buenos Aires, is one of the most attractive on the continent with broad tree-lined boulevards and Belle Époque architecture. Argentina is where one goes for the best steak, polo, the finest malbecs, and why not learn to tango?


The largest country in South America, Brazil is in a world of its own, separated from its Spanish-speaking neighbors by a Portuguese heritage. It is the land of passion, black beans and rice, beautiful people, and the hip-swaying samba dance. The tropical Amazon rainforest, which at 42 million acres dominates 60% of the country, is home to the elusive jaguar. Brazil’s sun-soaked coastlines offer a tranquil juxtaposition to the exotic carnival-vibe the country is famous for, while Rio's vivacity adds a bit of spice to the sensual rhythm of this part of the world. 


The nearly 4,000 miles of coastline down the majority of South America and the spine of the Andes Mountain range make Chile a land of endless opportunity. Often called “The Land of Fire and Ice,” it is a land of extremes. The country stretches from the Atacama Desert in the north—the highest and driest in the world with amazing night skies—to the glaciers and fjords of the south. The lush vineyards of the Central Valley make this part of the world a favorite for wine connoisseurs and those more gastronomically-inclined, while the rivers and forests of the Lake District and the desolate and magnificent wilderness of the Chilean Patagonia are perfect for outdoor adventurers. And let’s not forget Easter Island, one of the most remotely located islands in the world and famous for its mysterious monolithic figures known as moai.

Peru and Bolivia

The birthplace of ancient empires, Peru has towering mountains, steaming rainforests with shy nocturnal creatures, and parched deserts. Ancient Incan culture and architecture pair with the treasures of the colonial period in the cities of Cuzco and Arequipa. The capital city of Lima is home to a burgeoning and dynamic culinary scene admired around the world. Sleek, modern innovation and lovely lodge-style accommodations combine in Peru, a country with much more to it than the wonder of Machu Picchu and the gastronomic delights that it's famous for. 

Landlocked and isolated, Bolivia is a region of ancient culture, folklore, and cultural diversity and one of South America’s most unlikely treasures. The dramatic landscapes and friendly people are enough to keep us coming back, but the salt lakes at Uyuni and high altitude deserts offer a little extra something in this Dali-esque country. 

Ecuador and Galápagos Islands

Despite being one of the smallest South American countries, Ecuador has plenty of attractions: smoldering volcanoes, rainforest reserves, the colorful Andean market at Otavalo, the Spanish colonial architecture in Quito and Cuenca, gracious haciendas, and the unmatched wildlife of the Galápagos Islands. Situated 600 miles off the coast of mainland Ecuador, straddling the Equator, the Galápagos is where Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution. Each island of the archipelago is each home to unique species of birds, plants, and animals unlike any other place in the world. Best explored from a small adventure cruise ship, the Galápagos is a place unlike any other.


One of the most vibrant countries in South America, Colombia is a region best described as captivating and seductive. This is where the myth of El Dorado and the lure of untold riches caught the imagination of the Spanish conquistadors. The Pacific and Caribbean coastlines meet the soaring Andean backdrop as if out of a painting. With the best (and strongest) coffee and the most incredible beaches, Colombia offers relaxation and adventure.

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