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Humankind has been fascinated with boats and traveling on the water for thousands of years. This is one of the few travel trends that is time tested and here to stay! With an array of ships and routes to suit every interest, style, and preference, there is something for everyone—even if you do not consider yourself a “cruise person!”  Consider for a moment the practicalities (and luxury) of unpacking just once and enjoying a different port of call each day. Here are just a few of our favorite types of cruises; call on the experts at Frontiers, and we will help you navigate the sea of options!

Adventure Cruises

Set sail for adventure and drift down the Amazon and encounter some of the most remote places in the world; uncover the excitement of traversing the locks and dams of the United States Pacific Northwest; venture into the vast wilderness of Alaska; circumnavigate Iceland, Papua New Guinea or the Kimberly region of Australia; chill with gentoo penguins in Antarctica; witness the beauty and power of the world's third-largest river, the Yangtze River; or experience the wonders of Galápagos wildlife. Perfect for those interested in discovering a new destination, our expedition cruising partners leave no rock unturned in their detailed itineraries. Often led by expert guides and naturalists, there is nothing out of the realm of exploration possibility during these exciting cruises.

Ocean Going Cruises

Explore the endless depths of the ocean as you unwind in the finest standard of luxury on a cruise with one of our preferred cruise lines. Ranging from 96 passengers and above, indulge in the finest cuisine at sea paired with your drink of choice from the moment you step on board. Uncover the beauty of the world’s endless oceans and seas as you take in uninterrupted views from your private balcony as you journey to your destination. Whether you are cruising the South Pacific, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or the Baltic Sea, our favorite partners are well versed in creating an experience you will never forget! Enjoy sunrise morning yoga classes, lounging poolside, a variety of water sports, and creative off-ship excursions designed for you to experience the local culture. With a wide variety of options to choose from, you won’t find it too hard to sleep under the stars on some of the ship’s Balinese daybeds.

Small Ship Cultural and World River Cruises

Circumnavigate the “Land of the Rising Sun” and uncover the imperial past mixed with modern-day in Japan, dig deeper into the rich art and architectural history of Sicily, or glimpse into the many facets of ancient Egypt as you traverse the Nile on board a small ship with no more than 30 to 200 passengers. With countless experts like erudite local guides, historians, archeologists, and naturalists leading the way, you’ll uncover the seldom visited local villages. Enjoy private access to museums and historical sites and visits to local markets. Paddle down the river and explore secluded side streams by kayak, take a guided jungle walk, or tuck away on board in your luxurious accommodations. With endless opportunities to make your own connection to these beautiful destinations and cultures, we are certain you’ll return with a whole new appreciation of your destination. 

European River Cruises

If the concept of gliding past some of mankind’s most splendid architectural achievements on the Rhine, Rhone, Danube, Duoro, Seine, Volga, or Po rivers (just to name a few!) while sipping on a glass of regional wine with your close friends or significant other appeals to you—then European river cruising might be for you! With a wide variety of activities ranging from guided bicycle and hiking excursions to castle tours, and local farm visits for cider and cheese tastings to painting and cooking classes, the options are endless! Best suited for adults (unless the entire departure has been designed for children) our in-house experts can help guide you to pick the right itinerary to meet your objectives. River Cruising provides unparalleled access to some of the most beautiful destinations in Europe!

Yacht Cruises

Appreciate the luxury of your own private chartered yacht led by a professional captain and skilled crew with local expertise as you, your family, and friends relish a truly five-star experience. Discover your destination's best-kept secrets—from the best beaches of Aegean and Mediterranean Turkey to the spectacular modern scenery of Norway—and explore the many ancient monuments, museums, and historic sites of the Greek Isles with unparalleled access on your private yacht. With endless destinations to choose from, chartering a private yacht allows you to enjoy the marvels of these destinations on your own accord and take your time exploring. Often paired with a personal chef on board, you will enjoy personalized menus designed to accommodate your group and any dietary needs. With your every need addressed, you can enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones reconnecting without distractions throughout your entire voyage.


Relish the luxury of cruising the European canals and scenic countryside on board a luxury barge with your close friends and family. Enjoy an all-inclusive trip with daily sightseeing in the barge’s own vehicle with a private English-speaking driver and guide, full use of the barge and its facilities (bicycles, Jacuzzi or pool on many, games on board, etc.), all beverages including an open bar and wines with lunch and dinner, plus touring. Taking into consideration the private chef catering to your specific dietary restrictions or preferences and the private guide and full crew attending to your every need—an all-inclusive European canal barge holiday surpasses a land-based itinerary every time.

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