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Is It Time to Renew Your Passport?

You probably have not had any reason to open your passport recently, but now is a great time to fish it out of your desk and take a peek at the expiration date. If passport renewal is required, we recommend initiating that process ASAP so that you’ll be ready to go as and when travel restrictions ease and countries re-open their borders.

Passport expiry dates can sneak up on you – particularly those of children under the age of 18 years, as they are only valid for five years. Also, take a look, and make sure that you have several blank consecutive pages left to accommodate entry and exit stamps as it is no longer possible to add extra pages, and the passport will need to be renewed. Similarly, if you have changed your name recently for marriage/divorce, your passport will need to be renewed as name amendments are no longer done. 

Most countries now require that you have a minimum of six months validity beyond travel dates, so if your passport is due to expire anytime in 2021 or the early part of 2022, we recommend that you renew it now. 

Like many things during the pandemic, the processing of passport applications (both for first-time passports and renewals) is experiencing delays and backlogs. Regular processing takes 10-12 weeks, and expedited processing takes 4-6 weeks -- costs $60 extra, and we highly recommend this. We anticipate that once things start to open up, these delays will be even worse. 

Here are some helpful links to guide you through this process: 

Click here for January 14, 2021 update on Passport Operations in Response to COVID-19.

Click here for steps for renewal of a minor child under the ages of 16 years or application for 1st-time passport for a child: (this includes making an appointment at your local post office – the child must apply in person, with BOTH parents present at the appointment.) 

Click here for adult passport renewal by mail as long as you can answer “yes” to all five questions; otherwise, you have to apply in person with an appointment at the post office.

Click here to renew Global Entry: (GOES)

Click here to renew TSA Precheck

Frontiers Passport renewal tips: 

  • Use the expedited service even if you’re not necessarily in a hurry for it. 
  • Always use an overnight shipping service that can be tracked (i.e., US Post Office Express Mail, UPS, Fed Ex) for sending in passport renewal applications and prepay for the same express service on the return.
  • Once you have renewed your passport, please send Frontiers a clear scan of the photo page to update our records accordingly. 
  • Also, check that your Global Entry (GOES) and/or TSA Precheck have not expired. They are valid for 5 years.