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Choice Slots Available at Mars Bay Bonefishing Lodge in the Bahamas

Now that the calendar has turned to 2024 and the holiday season is officially behind us, what better time to get a warm weather escape on the books in the form of a bonefishing vacation? The Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge in the Bahamas is an ideally situated property on one of the finest South Andros Island fisheries. Choice slots are still available during their Winter and Spring months, but they won’t last long. Join in on taking shots at some of the largest bones of the year!

Winter/Spring Availability:

  • Jan 27 – Feb 3 (4 rods)
  • Feb 3 – 10 (2 rods)
  • Feb 10 – 17 (4 rods)
  • Feb 17 – 24 (2 rods)
  • Feb 24 – March 2 (10 rods)
  • March 2 - 9 (2 rods)
  • March 9 – 16 (2 rods)
  • March 23 – 30 (8 rods)
  • April 13 - 20 (2 rods)
  • April 27 – May 4 (2 rods)
  • May 18 -25 (10 rods)

Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge is relatively small in stature catering to no more than 10 anglers at a time and, being the southernmost lodge on the Island, and offers fishers short 10-60 minute boat rides to the amazing white sand flats of Andros. The South Andros flats are teeming with bones that typically average three pounds and daily shots at bones much larger are routine. The lodge’s home flat, which is literally at the doorstep, is an added bonus for anglers looking to extend their day of fishing. It’s somewhat tide-sensitive but can be exceptionally good.

Contact destination specialist Joe Linscott for more information on this South Andros Island gem.