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Asia and India

From sipping green tea in chashitu to sampling the world’s spiciest chilies, Asia will forever remain near and dear to our hearts here at Frontiers. A continent that offers everything we seek on a trip—culture as far as the eye can see, a myriad of beautiful scenery, the best food maybe to be found on this Earth, and some of the kindest people we’ve ever come across—Asia is a land of extreme elegance and innovation, all the while drenched in centuries-old tradition.

India and Sri Lanka

Described as chaotic and frenetic but equally as a place of great spirituality, tranquility, and sublime beauty, India is a place where the past collides with the present. While yoga, curries, and Bollywood films have infiltrated our Western culture, India has so much more to offer—which is why we keep going back! From its 4000-year-old history to its impressive forts, temples, and tombs, it is no wonder this part of Asia has long captured the imagination of its guests. 

Nepal and Bhutan

With the Himalayans offering serenity and a bit of hard-core mountaineering, Nepal and Bhutan are a duo of discretion, wonderfully unspoiled by the outside world. For a small country wedged in-between China and India, Nepal is a little slice of heaven with a plethora of stunning landscapes and wildlife. Interestingly mostly Hindu, but also heavily influenced by Buddhism, Nepal is one of the few places where you can simultaneously see leopards in the wild and gently trek the Himalayan range. For those seeking something a bit more unusual, the ‘Kingdom in the Clouds’ offers a strong sense of Buddhist tradition and spectacular mountain scenery. We strongly consider Nepal and Bhutan as a wonderful way to explore a virtually untouched corner of the world.


Inventive, multifaceted, crowded, isolated, serene, maddening, and mystifying—China is a place enriched by centuries of history and yet still shrouded in mystery. One of the most complex destinations in Asia, China offers a wealth of wonders for history and cultural enthusiasts alike. From its vibrant 21st century cities to the origins of the ancient Silk Road trading route and the snow-capped peaks of Tibet, China is a vast country about the size of the continental U.S., so it will take more than a few trips to discover it properly.


Known as the land of the rising sun, Japan is a country of contrast that lures visitors with its poetic reverence of natural beauty and bustling cosmopolitan cities. Harmonious and nearly seamless, the juxtaposition of the two faces of Japan—the respect to cultural traditions alongside the flair of trendy innovation—captivates its visitors. We’ve become enamored of sushi, teriyaki, and sake, but Japanese cuisine is so much more evolved! From high-speed bullet trains to ancient temples, and playful snow monkeys and world-class skiing to captivating cherry blossoms, there is something for everyone in Japan.

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is nothing short of spectacular. Ideal for those seeking adventure, a romantic getaway, relaxation, and self-discovery, the countries of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar are too incredible to cover in just a few words. No matter how many times we visit, we find ourselves almost instantaneously wanting to return. From the exotic temples (we’re a sucker for the temple-strewn plain of Bagan in Myanmar) to white sand beaches with azure waters, and the spicy green curries to sample along the way, we know when you go to Southeast Asia you will leave rested and rejuvenated with plenty of stories to share.

Indonesia and Borneo

Two destinations we consider some of the most alluring spots in the Far East, Indonesia and Borneo are home to azure seas and incredible wildlife. Although usually combined with other spots in Asia, there is so much diversity in the culture and activities they have to offer, we consider them strong destinations in their own right. Indonesia’s stunning beaches, jungles, and volcanoes are enough to entice those seeking adventure, complemented by world-class cuisine. Borneo gives travelers the chance to trek through the rich rainforests and spot endangered orangutans, while being what some refer to as the ‘Garden of Eden’ and an incredible spot to unwind.

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