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Miraval Introduces Conscious Cooking Curriculum
Added: Tue 6th Feb 18

One of our favorite destination spas, Miraval has introduced an exciting new program based around conscious cooking to help reduce waste. According to the USDA, nearly 40 percent of the food supply in the United States goes to waste. In order to help prevent this epidemic, Miraval Arizona’s new Conscious Cooking, Conscious Baking and Conscious Mixology demonstrations provide valuable information and hands-on lessons that translate to Miraval’s own Conscious Cooking philosophy that can also be used at home in your own kitchen!

Led by Executive Chef Kyle Nottingham and Head Nutritionist Angela Onsgard, R.D., classes include the following:

  • Conscious Cooking Lecture: During this informative lecture, Miraval’s culinary team shines a light on the food waste epidemic and shares practical tips and tricks for how guests can minimize waste at home.

  • Conscious Cooking: During this interactive cooking class, guests learn from Miraval’s chefs how to create healthful and flavorful dishes while also reducing food waste. Using everyday ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away, such as unattractive produce, vegetable peelings, over-ripe fruit and sour milk, guests gain practical skills for cooking mindfully.

  • Conscious Baking: An extension of Miraval’s Conscious Cooking demonstration, this interactive workshop led by Miraval’s pastry team teaches guests how to create delicious baked goods that also reduce food waste at home.

  • Conscious Mixology: In this lively class, guests learn how to create impressive craft cocktails using leftover ingredients. For example, cucumber peels can serve as a lovely garnish, over-ripe berries are perfect for making simple syrup, and fruit trimmings can infuse liquors with interesting flavors.


Following each lecture and cooking demonstration, guests will receive a take home card containing easy-to-follow recipes and tips for how to apply Miraval’s Conscious Cooking philosophy at home. With this new found information and knowledge, guests can create dishes that nourish and delight the senses, as well as protect and preserve the environment.

Each 60 minute class begins at $35 per guest.

For more information about Miraval please contact your Frontiers Destination Specialist at 1-800-245-1950.