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New Zealand



The Maoris, the indigenous peoples of New Zealand, sailed their canoes across the Pacific. They saw the expanse of snow-covered alps forming the spine of the South Island and named these new lands "Aotearoa" (Land of the Long White Cloud). Centuries later, the Europeans arrived. Homesick for the Crown, they bestowed familiar names on areas in which they settled: Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown, New Plymouth. The New Zealand we visit today is an amalgam of these diverse cultures molded by the very fabric of this amazing land that is so rich in diversity.

It is little wonder that New Zealander Peter Jackson looked no further than his front yard to find the magnificent and varied locations for his masterpiece trilogy, Lord of the Rings? New Zealand is blessed with stunning alpine vistas, golden beaches and pristine bays, rocky sea cliffs, verdant meadows and hillsides dotted with grazing sheep. Natural beauty runs rampant in this small island nation. The visitor, at first overwhelmed by the beauty he sees, soon discovers that the New Zealand people exude a warmth and hospitality unlike anything he is likely to have experienced in previous travels. There is nothing forced about the Kiwi welcome. The locals are genuinely pleased you have come and want to show off their extraordinary land. And oh, what pleasures await you. Whether you are a first-timer or making your tenth visit, you will discover the special sights and delights of this incredible country.

Let Frontiers' experts help you find your passion in beautiful New ZealandKristene Fitzgerald has traveled to New Zealand and possesses knowledge to customized every last detail of your holiday.  Interested in fly fishing?  As an avid angler, Kristene can help with that, too. Visit the New Zealand page on our sporting travel website for more information.