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The Polar Regions

Best explored from the comfort of a modern expedition cruise ship, the "Great White Continent" of Antarctica and its northern counterpart, the Arctic, have rapidly become popular destinations for the adventurous, nature lovers, and travelers with a passion for photography. With dramatic glaciers sliding into the ocean, the polar regions are lands of serene beauty untouched by man, some of the few pristine places left on earth.

Cruise by a sculptured wonderland of icebergs -- pure white, fluorescent blue, candy-striped, green -- shaped as huge tabular slabs, castles, caves, sphinxes, dinosaurs, monsters . . . some as high as ten-story buildings. Witness a glacier calving to appreciate the awesome raw power of nature. Marvel at Antarctica's soaring mountains, rising 3,000-9,000 feet straight from the sea and swathed in immaculate snow. Visit bustling penguin rookeries and realize the hardiness that lies beneath their tuxedoed exteriors as they eek out an existence at the edge of the earth. Antarctica offers unique opportunities to closely interact with a variety of wildlife species as the animals and birds there have no fear of man.

In the Arctic, enjoy the hauntingly beautiful wilderness of the Svalbard archipelago, near Europe's northernmost point. A highlight of an Arctic expedition is the opportunity to observe the now-endangered polar bear in its natural habitat, a stunning vast landscape of pack ice. Many of the expedition companies we work with are heavily vested in research to protect this shrinking habitat with a portion of travelers' dollars invested in conservation efforts. Aside from being one of the last places on earth to view polar bears, the largest land carnivore and top of the food chain, the Arctic landscapes are an amazing kaleidoscope of massive glaciers, tiny fishing villages, huge colonies of giant walrus, seals, herds of caribou grazing the tundra, and a vast variety of birds.

If you are looking for a special late-fall or winter destination, call us to plan a cruise to Antarctica, one of the most exhilarating travel destinations on earth. In summer, let us take you to the High North to see the colors of life bursting in the ice and to experience an Arctic summer. Members of Frontiers' staff have traveled in Antarctica and the Arctic and would be thrilled to share their experiences with you as they assist you in creating your own.

Mollie Fitzgerald For Travel to the Arctic:

Frontiers co-owner Mollie Fitzgerald has made an annual pilgrimage above the Arctic Circle for years, ever since she helped develop Frontiers Atlantic Salmon program on the Ponoi River in Russia.  Considered a top agent by both the editors of Travel + Leisure as well as Conde Nast Traveler, Mollie counts photographing polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, among her all time favorite travel memories.  Contact Mollie to plan your own journey to the Arctic.
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