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The High Lonesome Dude Ranch. A place to reconnect and find your inner cowboy.

The High Lonesome Dude Ranch is the premier place to make memories that will last a lifetime. The nostalgic combination of a Rocky Mountain view, with the size of a national park, equestrian activities and culinary adventure creates the perfect setting to discover true western tradition and please everyone in your family.

Horses are an integral part of ranch life. But don't be intimidated. At The High Lonesome Ranch we have an assortment of equestrian activities for riders of all levels. During the week, your family will reconnect and by the end of the western adventure everyone will have a newfound bond. In addition, you will have a new "ranch family" that includes other guests, their wranglers and especially their horses.

It doesn't matter if you were born to ride or never met a horse. The High Lonesome Ranch has a program for you. We offer options that will satisfy children, first time riders and equestrian experts. Our instructors will hand pick your horse and teach you how to groom, tack, and command him to walk, trot and hand gallop (if you are ready for that).

The High Lonesome Ranch has a string of Paint and Quarter horses that will perfectly match your riding ability. Initially, you will take a trail ride to get oriented with your horse. This ride will confirm that you have the right mount. With the help of a skilled wrangler, you ride and care for your horse the entire week. Your skill level doesn't matter. Our seasoned riding instructors are patient and passionate about making sure you have a pleasant riding experience.

And after each day's adventure, take part in the Cowboy Mingle, a variety of events before the dinner bell rings. Belly up to the refreshment bar and then it's time to relive your day with your wranglers, your trail ride saddle pals, and other ranch staff. Share some of your stories – exciting or harrying, adventurous, and funny. The day's photos will be ready to view on the big screen and will help add to the story telling.
After dinner, whether it's family skits, horseshoes, cowboy movies, line-dancing lessons, or our favorite: two-step dancing lessons from your wrangler, you'll be ready and itching for honky-tonk band night! Whatever night it is, your family will be living the western lifestyle.

All of our riding is Western but our instructors have a thorough knowledge of other styles as well, including English, Dressage and Hunter/ Jumper. We accommodate riders from all disciplines. Our number one priority is to make sure you have an excellent experience. At The High Lonesome Dude Ranch we've got a wide variety of extraordinary activities for all levels of riders.

Roping, Ranch Sorting, Western Obstacle Course, and Introduction to Barrel Racing
These are the skills and games every cowboy learns, and they are available to you all week. You'll also learn how to open a gate without getting off your horse. (How many of your friends can do that?) If you are looking for a true challenge, our equestrian director welcomes the chance to take anyone on in barrel racing. She comes from a long line of barrel racers (including her mother and grandmother).

Cattle Driving and Round Up
At The High Lonesome Ranch, you will receive a taste of real cowboy life by taking part in actually moving our cattle for pasture rotation and assisting us to see if any of the cattle require any special attention. Ride through the most beautiful parts of the ranch while becoming a part of our Western heritage.

Equestrian Geocaching
The keys to finding hidden treasure around The High Lonesome Ranch are your horse and a GPS. You can race against your family and friends to find checkpoints and uncover prizes

This ranch is the size of a national park, which means there are plenty of trails to travel. Over streams and cottonwoods, discover The High Lonesome legacy. Each trail was hand charted and cut, and range in length from an hour to a day. They are pure Western nature.

Wildlife Viewing
The best way to view the wildlife of The High Lonesome Ranch is to follow one of our veteran guides through the wilderness. You may see black bears, elk, mule deer, eagles, hawks, mountain lions, and the occasional moose, antelope or Big Horn Sheep. Whether it's by horseback, mountain bike, or one of our ranch vehicles, you will experience parts of the ranch that very few people get to see.

Wild Horse Viewing
A short drive can be arranged to see the wild horses that are descendants of Native American and Spanish horses.

Other Activities
As an added treat at the Ranch, you can slip away from the group for an afternoon of spectacular fly-fishing for 5 species of trout. Sporting clays are also an option at our 5-stand, pheasant walk, and flurry shoot. Enjoy cooking classes with our Executive Chef, Yoga classes, hiking, or mountain biking. Elevations of 5,000 to 9,200 ft. provide great birding opportunities & views. Have a massage in your guesthouse or just relax.

Fine Rustic Dining
Living the life of a cowboy all day can work up a powerful hunger for your family. Back at the headquarters, Chef Jordan Asher and his crew are cooking up fresh family-style delights...with a lot of culinary flare added in. All of our meals are carefully planned, bringing everyone together to share their day and a diverse selection of hearty American fare with world influence. Your meals include high quality local meat and produce. In many instances the meat is raised on the ranch. Our eggs are fresh from our chickens and The High Lonesome's signature Black Angus beef graces our menu when the timing and aging process is complete. Lambs and hogs are raised and delivered by neighboring 4H and FFA kids.

Straight from the rich soil to our table, The High Lonesome Ranch's gardens and orchard enjoy ideal conditions for growing apricots, apples, peaches, pears and plums. We also grow an abundance of vegetables like corn, peppers, lettuces, cucumbers, squash, beans, peas, carrots, radishes, pumpkins and onions.

Whether you want to relax in an upscale safari-style tent or kick back in a luxurious house – you have plenty of options on The High Lonesome Ranch.

You'll find western elegant lodging, private cabins and guesthouses with all the luxurious modern conveniences & sprawling master suites, or comfortably large rooms with private baths. If you must stay connected, most of our houses and cabins have hard phone lines, high-speed satellite WIFI and large flat-screen TVs.

In conclusion
Our weeklong Colorado Dude Ranch trips start on Sundays with a High Lonesome welcome and orientation and end on Saturdays.

We offer something for everyone who might enjoy spectacular American West scenery and outdoor pursuits. Families, friends, & groups create unforgettable memories together that will bond them forever. You will see amazing stars at night and you'll be treated like a star, too. During the evenings around the campfire, you will have time to reflect on your day's activities shared with family and friends that will make you say, "I wanta be a cowboy!" Let us show you how.

Contact Denise Schreiber for additional information or to book your dude ranch experience.

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